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See What Others Are Saying About Training With Us

Our goals has always been to establish a top training center with a focus on community.  Our courses are experiential, transformational, and fun.  Read and watch this collection of testimonials left by students and colleagues

Not sure if our classes are right for you? Watch these testimonials and imagine what it will be like for you once you have finished your course.  Will it be like the experiences in these testimonials or will be something even greater than what you could consciously imagine now. 













Dr. Olga













Igor Ledochowski

You both have been such a tremendous influence in this present point in my life (the what’s happening now part). As I shared with Sarah, every week, I have been doing a coaching session with a friend, it been free and she know that I am using my new skill of NLP , augmenting my old style of coaching and change work. We seen great change and progress. Today after we finished our session, she handed me an envelope that contained a nice piece of money. I ask” what this?” she told me that she has notice the change in her life, and how she felt empowered. She also learned that confusion was a great thing, it meant movement. She wanted me to know that she valued my time and that she knew the people paid for this service. We have not seen each other for two weeks. And the next thing was the “kicker” she missed me but knew God always sent me at the right time. ” you always know to be in the right place at the right time”.Where did I hear this before.

Thank you so much for your teaching and support. I am catching my breath, and I will not feel that I do not belong in this great community.

happy dance trances

Mercedes Herman

RN, MSN, CHT, NLP Trainer
When we practiced the 6 step reframe, I did mine on
exercising. I have to tell you, I have been exercising everyday! Wow, this shit
really works!! lol.

Karen Lindstrom

School Psychologist, CHt, NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Practitioner Course…WOW!! What an amazing intensive two weeks. I was lucky enough to be in a class with such a great bunch of people, but there was no luck required with the teaching. Sarah & Jess really brought the subject to life, making it fun, educational, and in some ways life changing. I feel that I not only learned about a fascinating subject, but also learned some valuable insights about myself and how to improve my daily life…and I even experienced some changes through the demo sessions and class practice. This is a course that I think everyone should do at some point in their life if they want to be a better version of themselves, whether for personal improvement, to become a practitioner, or to help in business. I am in a professional career, and found that I have been using some of the techniques to great effect at work. Shawn came in for a few sessions and was great value, and Mercedes brings such an energy and laughter to the class. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made to attend this course, and I’ve probably only so far experienced a small part of the benefits to come. Thanks to the team for an amazing two weeks

Gordon Livingstone

NLP Practitioner