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Hypnosis Master Practitioner

Are You Ready to Take the Next Steps on Your Path to Hypnosis Mastery?

One of the most important lessons for every hypnotist to learn is to never stop learning.  Every induction we do is an opportunity to learn.  Hypnosis Master PractitionerAnd perhaps you finished your hypnotherapy training and have been learning on the job but want to know, what is the next step.  Where do you go from here?  Or perhaps you’ve had some clients where you just weren’t sure if the change took or if you did the right thing.  On the other hand you could be a hypnotist with a deep thirst for knowledge and transformation.

What ever camp you sit in, it is your time to grow as a professional and a person.  There is so much more waiting for you in the world of hypnosis than was covered in your hypnotherapy training and now it is time to take the next leap forward in your life.

Imagine how it will feel when your skills have far exceeded your expectations, when clients are changing quickly, and every issue that a client could possibly bring in automatically sparks your confidence and curiosity.  How will you feel when you see your clients effortlessly let go of issues and move forward in their lives while giving you glowing recommendations?

Our Hypnosis Master Practitioner course is your ticket to achieving this and so much more.  If you think about a hypnosis master what qualities make them worthy of that table? Is it their seemingly magical ability to undo a problem with some simple questions?  Or maybe it’s how easily they can hypnotize anyone.  It may even be the legendary stories you have heard about astonishing hypnotic phenomena that help people to change.  What ever qualities are coming to mind for you, know that you too can achieve these and affect powerful life long change in your clients.

A word of warning the Hypnosis Master Practitioner is an advanced course and only open to students who have prior hypnotherapy training.  This course is also only open to you if you are ready to move beyond where your skills currently are and truly discover that no matter what you think you are, you are all ways so much more than that!

In the Hypnosis Master Practitioner Training You Will Discover:

  • Advanced hypnotic inductions that are invisible to the client until they are deeply in a healing trance
  • The secret structures of problems and how you can undo them- as soon as you find the structure the client will not be able to hold onto it any longer
  • The heart of Mind Bending Language/ Attention Shifting Coaching so that you can help clients break free of problem loops just by asking a few key questions
  • How to work with difficult clients- making it easy to help anyone who wants to change, change
  • The art of eliciting hypnotic phenomena and leveraging them for positive change
  • An introduction to therapeutic past life regressions that will positively change your client’s present life
  • And much more!

 Take the next step in your hypnotic skills development and join us for 2 modules

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