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Hypnosis Training

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 Professional Hypnosis Certification IACT 

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Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner

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Quit: The Art of Running Highly Successful Smoking Cessation

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Hypnosis is both an art and a science.  It is the most effective tool available for rapid and lasting personal change.  Hypnosis has the power to reshape and trance-form your entire life.

It is an art in that the secret to all hypnosis is found in the relationship between hypnotist and client.  When you receive your hypnosis training from us you will learn the secret to quickly building a truly hypnotic relationship.  As you refine your skills you realize that each time you work hypnotically with someone you are painting a hypnotic masterpiece.   You will also have the confidence to work without scripts (no paint by numbers here!) so that you can tailor the hypnotic experience for you client.

Hypnosis is a science because we progress in our understanding of the human brain more evidence is regularly coming out to support the understanding that hypnosis actually changes the brain!  In our courses you will learn exactly how each hypnotic technique changes the brain so that you can feel confident that when you work with others you are enacting measurable change.

Whether you are interested in becoming a professional hypnotist or you would like to integrate hypnotic skills into your professional and personal life you will enjoy the lasting change your hypnosis training with us will bring you.

Why Train With Us?

Our team are master trainers and master hypnotists who work professionally with private and corporate clients.  You can rest assured that you will be learning from 3 of the top hypnotists in the world who not only talk the talk but walk the walk.  Jess, Sarah, and Shawn run courses and maintain a busy New York and Philadelphia practice which means their skills are continually sharpened and they bring you the most cutting edge techniques and discoveries.

Sarah, Jess, and Shawn are the only licensed Master Trainers with the IAPCH on the East Coast.  They are also respected faculty of 2 hypnosis schools outside of their own, HTA and HPTI.  They are also highly sought after internationally and offer courses abroad.

In addition to training and seeing clients they are award winning and best selling authors with currently 7 books in the fields of hypnosis and coaching.

They stand apart from many other trainers because they use hypnosis to teach you hypnosis so that your unconscious mind quickly and easily integrates the material so you can begin to effortlessly do hypnosis immediately.

NLP Training New York is the only school in New York and the entire east coast where you can certify with the IAPCH through the Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Program.  In addition to the CHPH NLP Training New York also brings you a number of advanced hypnosis and hypnotherapy trainings throughout the year.


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