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We all need a little guidance sometimes to make the best of our abilities and our lives. This is where individual coaching and hypnosis can be of tremendous benefit.

Coaching is a confidential one-on-one relationship of equals. The client’s responsibility in the relationship is to be committed to positive change, and to share their dreams and goals with the coach. The coach’s responsibility is to believe in the client, their dreams, strengths and resourcefulness, and also to understand they may have past limiting experiences and beliefs. The coach guides the client in techniques and tools that bring out the client’s full resources and potential. The coach brings objectivity and holds the client responsible for taking the actions they want to take.

We offer coaching using NLP, hypnosis, and other techniques to help people in several areas.

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We offer professional and career coaching. A client may feel stalled in her professional development and be unsure how to take the next step. Or she may feel stuck in a career or job which is financially or personally unrewarding, but she is not sure what to do about it. She may have taken a career break and want to get back into the workforce, but is unsure what to do, or lack confidence in her abilities. Professional and career coaching can help:

  • Develop or refocus your career goals
  • Create action plans
  • Bring inner resources to assist you in taking action

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We offer individual coaching for personal development. This may focus on a particular area in the client’s life. We all have the experience of being at an impasse. Maybe we can’t see the way forward, or maybe we know exactly what we should be doing, but somehow can’t seem to do it. Coaching for personal development aims to bring the client’s resources to bear so the client can take the next step in her life’s journey. Because personal coaching may focus on a narrow issue, it can often be brief.

Life Coaching

We offer life coaching. Life coaching considers all aspects of our lives, bringing balance, and encouraging ecological individual growth. It will consider areas such as career, financial, social, and health and fitness. The aim to develop each area so life can be brought into balance, and so life coaching will generally involve a longer coaching relationship.

Relationship Coaching

Sometimes relationships can become misaligned with the values and needs of those in the relationship. Relationships typically are between spouses or family members, but may be between business partners also. A relationship coach can help you:

  •  Clarify the values and goals of each member of the relationship
  • Communicate and share those goals with each other in a mutually respectful environment
  • Align the aims of the relationship with those of the individuals
  • Reconnect with the attributes that made the relationship attractive in the first place
  • Identify and clear and blocks to a successful relationship

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Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can make last changes quickly and easily.  In the last five years neuroscience has begun to shed light on this life changing technique and how when in hypnosis you are actually rewiring your brain.  This is one of the most effective tools for personal transformation available.

Here are some of the areas hypnosis can help:

Hypnosis For Smoking Cessation 

Hypnosis has long been known as an easy way to kick the habit.  Imagine walking into the session a smoker and by the end you are throwing out those cigarettes and enjoying a life of freedom!  Our clients enjoy high levels of success quitting smoking.  The protocol we have developed it so successful that we now actively teach other hypnotists how to help clients quit.  We have literally written the book on smoking cessation.

Hypnosis For Fertility and Child Birth

Sarah Carson is a hypnosis and fertility specialist.  Often times there are emotional blocks that in the past kept moms to be from conceiving.  Hypnosis is a means to overcome this and create the best psychological environment for conception to happen.  Sarah is also a HypnoBirthing instruction and teaches soon to be parents how to use hypnosis to make the birth experience a comfortable and joyous moment for mother, falter, and baby.

Hypnosis For Stress and Fears

Discover how you can let go of daily stress and life long fears through the power of your mind.  Hypnosis makes it easy for those old fears to peacefully melt away.

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To find out about scheduling a session please CONTACT US

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