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Over our years as trainers we have noticed one BIG problem in our field… There are too many women not succeeding in their coaching and hypnosis practices.  These ladies are skilled as change workers and have a burning desire to help people but something has gone wrong.  Perhaps you are experiencing the frustration of having a deep desire to help people, and have the training to do so, but when it comes to the business side of things you aren’t sure what to do in order to get people into your office.

It could be that you can easily chat with people about your services  but the thought of designing your webpage makes you shudder.

Or maybe you are great at face to face networking however when it comes down to internet marketing (essential in our field) you become overwhelmed.

Perhaps you are passionate about helping clients transform and yet find it challenging to accept money for your work.

Women in our culture are brought up to be helpers, carers or nurturers, but we are often not raised to be confident in business and with technology.  I have seen women throw away thousands of dollars because they were too uncomfortable in taking control of their business.

If the thoughts of managing your own website, doing SEO, launching a marketing campaign, or even taking money make you want to run in the opposite direction then now is the moment to change.

The more successful you are the business game the more successful you are as a coach/ hypnotist.  The more people you attract to your practice the greater the opportunity for you to grow.

We have decided to take the bull by the horns and make a change! instead of retreating from the business aspects of our work we will be helping you to advance and grow in confidence, skill and expertise.

Please join us for out 2015 ladies retreat this June.  We have specially designed this year’s retreat to help you fully step into business success.  During this year’s retreat you will learn practical skills to grow your business as well as the mindset you need for success.  You will overcome emotional blocks that have stood in your way and you will leave feeling confident that you are in control of your business and your future.

In this course you will:

  • Activate the parts of your mind that make learning easy and fun while you become increasingly comfortable with letting your inner business woman shine
  • Discover how to set up, design, and manage your website so that you have complete control and do not need to rely on third party vendors
  • Learn easy SEO strategies that are perfect for absolute beginners
  • Experience transformation and clarity as you build your confidence as a business owner
  • Easily set up an email list so you can state in contact with your clients (which makes it easier for them to do business with you again)
  • Uncover a simple strategy for effective networking
  • Feel any limiting beliefs about your success as a business owner melt away so that you can help change more lives than you could have imagined before now
  • Marketing and sales tips and tricks
  • And much more!

This retreat is ideal for any female coach or hypnotist who wants to be the catalyst for your own success.  By the end of this training you will have set up a website that you can manage easily and is SEO friendly, have created an email list and auto responder system, and transformed on a deep level.

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