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Our Books

Our Books

In 2013 we officially launched our publishing house, Changing Mind Publishing and in that time we have published 5 books with another due to launch in early Fall 2014.  We have focused on expanding the field as well as following our passion.  Our books have been received with critical acclaim by some of the greatest minds in the field.

We are very proud to announce that in May 2014 Shawn Carson and Melissa Tiers won the International Association of Counselors and Therapists‘ prestigious Pen and Quill Award for their book, “Keeping the Brain in Mind: Practical Neuroscience for Coaches, Therapists, and Hypnosis Practitioners” 

See What Others Are Saying About Our Books

This book is a must have guide for every Hypnotist wanting to help smokers quit. Smoking cessation is a cornerstone of the hypnosis industry. Many hypnotists go into practice with the hopes of helping people kick the habit. Running successful stop smoking programs helps save lives and build successful businesses…


Sarah, Shawn and Jess have done a tremendous job in writing this book.

And they have given you a gift: the gift of knowledge


Igor Ledochowski

Master Hypnotist, Trainer, and Coach Hypnosis Training Academy and

The Swish is a fundamental pattern in NLP. It is both powerful and quick in creating lasting change for clients and yourself. What most do not realize is that there is much more to the Swish than what is presented in a standard NLP class. The Swish is versatile and is valuable well beyond the coaching room… 


Shawn and Jess take the Swish by storm. No stone is left unturned. This is one thorough treatment! It’s concise, yet deep. Demos, practical tips for using the pattern in a variety of ways, in a variety of settings – it’s all here.

“The Swish”


John Overdurf

Master Trainer, Hypnotist, Coach
I am enjoying it so far. Clearly an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn and master the Swish.

James Tripp

Master Trainer, Hypnotist, Coach

The Visual Squash is the premier negotiation strategy. It is a powerful technique that allows individuals and groups to move beyond “either- or” dilemmas and generate new ways of meeting personal and group goals. It also helps coaching clients to resolve parts conflicts and secondary gain issues… 


This is learning that changes every aspect of the therapeutic/coaching interaction by teaching multi level communication that speaks directly to the unconscious mind. And this, in my opinion, changes everything.

“The Visual Squash”


Melissa Tiers

Director, Hypnotist, Trainer Center for Integrative Hypnosis

The latest revelations from neuroscience can transform the work you do, as a coach, hypnotist, or therapist, in ways that make measurable changes in the brain. This book will teach you how to integrate and utilize the research to explain and empower changes in habituated patterns of thought, feeling and behavior…. 


I would recommend this book even to expert scientists and therapists, expecting that it will reshape, rewire, reconsolidate, and re-enrich understandings and enthusiasm for our fascinating field; it certainly has for me!

“Keeping the Brain in Mind”

Dr. Lincoln C. Bickford M.D. and Ph. D.


This much anticipated work will give you and in depth protocol for effectively modeling others on a deep unconscious level.  In addition we will be presenting a number of techniques that will make DTI easy, fun, and life changing.  This is the first time in our field that DTI has been given such an extensive treatment.  Please check back soon for more details on getting your copy.


This book by Carson, Marion, and Overduf is an excellent exploration of the extraordinary trance process of deep trance identification. It is thorough, practical, and clear, thereby providing an excellent guide for those seeking far-reaching transformational changes. I highly recommend it!

“Deep Trance Identification”


Steve Gilligan Ph.D.

Master Ericksonian Hypnotist, Trainer, Coach

The Deep Trance Identification Companion is designed to help you streamline your DTI modeling project. The Companion consists of detailed worksheets and step-by-step processes to assist you in modeling excellence. This book represents the core principles of the DTI process as laid out by Carson, Marion, and Overdurf in “Deep Trance Identification”. It is recommended that you begin with that book before using the manual.

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The Meta Pattern is at the heart of all influence and change work.  Whether we consider the most effective advertising campaigns or the most transformative piece of change work we have witnessed this 4 step process is present.  When you understand this elegant and yet simple process influence becomes easy and natural.


So Practical It Hurts!
This book is straightforward and full of examples that make it a practical tool that can be used immediately! This book will give you insight as to why some people seem to effortlessly accomplish their goals or persuade others. This will help you level the playing field and live in a win-win world. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to relate better to the world around them!

Benjamin Walden

Within this book we present a complete system of change, a complete system of coaching, and a complete system of self-mastery. The BEAT Coaching System is far more than just another NLP pattern. It is a system that gives you complete control over all the elements of your state and all the elements of your experience in the “now” in any context. Once you understand and master the BEAT System, you will be in total control of yourself.   The NLP BEAT Coaching System also has a very specific purpose—to allow you to step into a peak performance state whenever you wish. It is a powerful tool kit to enable you to create rich experiences for yourself and your clients in 4 simple yet elegant steps! This method can be used for problem solving, self-improvement, personal exploration, and transformation and is applicable in a wide range of contexts including sports, meditation, personal coaching, business, hypnosis and in social situations.

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I have learned to use this pattern on myself so that I can quickly change a negative state into a positive state so that I am able to be the best version of myself. I highly recommend this book to any coach who wants to learn a a new technique to use with clients or become better versed in this coaching system if you already know it, as well as to the individual who wants to learn a strategy to help them to make positive changes in their life. This is a great, well-written book. Enjoy and thrive!

Karen Lindstrom

School Psychologist

The Tree of Life is often described as the DNA of human experience and comes from the centuries-old tradition known as the Kabbalah. Because the original teachers of the Kabbalah wished to keep their mystical secrets from becoming known to non-adepts they disguised them using impenetrable language and obscure metaphors. Until now…

In this ground-breaking book Shawn Carson reveals the powerful secrets of the Tree of Life in a simple to understand and life-changing way. By discovering your own Tree of Life you can gain control over your own life and experience. By understanding the Tree of Life of those around you, you can become more influential and help others make lasting, fully integrated changes in their lives.

Aimed mainly at professional coaches and hypnotists, the system presented in this book allows you to use the Tree of Life to:

· Become a more powerful and congruent change-worker

· Understand your client’s true problem instantly and more deeply than ever before

· Develop a plan for working with your client that takes into account their entire experience from the
physical world through to the divine (in whatever way your client understands it)

Tree of Life coaching can be combined with your current coaching methods, or used as a system of coaching in its own right. You will be able to use it to install change in your client in one session, or to develop a multisession approach, tailored to that specific client, that will lead to total transformation.

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HypnoGames for HypnoJunkies is a fun and colorful guide to some classic and many new hypnosis games. These games are a great way to build your skill as a hypnotist, create magic moments for clients, wow audiences, and help you develop a deeper rapport with your own unconscious mind. This fully illustrated guide contains 31 games for your hypnosis enjoyment and learning.

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From Call to Client is your illustrated guide to running effective phone consultations. This fully illustrated book is designed to walk hypnotherapists through the core principles for successfully closing with new clients. You will learn how to screen prospective clients, how to handle the question of price, and how to communicate to the prospect’s unconscious mind over the phone in a way that is ethical and leaves them already changing by the end of the call. This book is ideal for hypnotists who have an interest in helping people quit smoking. This was originally written as a companion to the top selling “Quit: The Hypnotist’s Handbook to Running Effective Stop Smoking Sessions”. The principles presented here apply to all prospective client calls.

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re you ready to reclaim your health, happiness, and financial wellbeing by finally kicking the habit for good? Jess Marion, Sarah Carson, and Shawn Carson are highly experienced hypnotists and coaches who have worked in person with hundreds of smokers like you who after a few hours successful quit. In this book these master hypnotists walk you through the step by step process they use so that you can enjoy success from the comfort of your home. In this book you will learn: 1) The key beliefs you need to quit smoking for the rest of your life, 2) How to track your environmental and emotional triggers so you can neutralize them with ease, 3) The way nicotine tricks the body on a chemical level and the 4 steps you need to not fall for the smoking trap any longer, 4) 2 powerful techniques that will transform any craving or difficult emotion into relaxation, 5) The truth inside of cigarettes so you automatically reprogram your unconscious mind for success, 6) Your unconscious will uncover the true cost of smoking to you so that you can naturally let those cigarettes go, 7) How to rewrite your past so that smoking is no longer a part of who you are, 8) 6 easy steps that help to ensure that when you quit you do not pick up any other habits such as over eating. I Quit both teaches you hypnotic techniques you can use at home and uses hypnosis in the writing to help you quit easily and comfortably.

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