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Tree of Life Coaching

Tree of Life Coaching Practitioner

NLP Training New York is New York’s leading center for delivering top quality training in hypnosis, NLP and HNLP (HuTree of Lifemanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology), and related disciplines. Our trainers are highly skilled and certified professionals. We are highly expert in NLP and HNLP, yet teach them in a fun and entertaining way. We care deeply about our students, and work hard to guide everyone towards a transformative experience.

We constantly grow and develop unique material so you get the best instruction and training, and our Tree of Life Coaching Practitioner course reflects our focus on innovative excellence.

Tree of Life Coaching represents a unique and comprehensive coaching approach, but one that is grounded in the ancient principles of the Kabbalah, providing ancient solutions to the problems of today’s world.

Whether you are a professional coach, a hypnotist or other change-worker, whether you are required to coach others in your job, or if you simply want to understand yourself and other people better, this course is for you.

During this Tree of Life Coaching course you will learn:

  • How to use specific quantifiable tools to understand the real world in which you live.
  • The differences between the real world and your client’s (or your own) model of the world, and how to ‘rebuild’ your client’s model of the world to be most effective.
  • How we think about things, including the real world, or model of the world, and our internal experience.
  • What emotions are, how to control them, and how to generate emotions that you actually want to feel at any moment in time.
  • How the unconscious mind actually works; how it tracks your external experiences, and make sense of them using the internal structures.
  • How you acquire and hold different types of beliefs: beliefs about the world, beliefs about yourself. Have different beliefs can hurt you or help you.
  • How to discover what’s really important to you, and how to use this information to guide your actions.
  • The reason we have memories, and how to organize and arrange them to best effect.Has a harness the power of pure creation to create new opportunities.How to react when the universe simply doesn’t give you what you want, and what you were hoping for.

Key Learnings

  • We often mistake our map of the world for reality. How you’re in a map allows you to navigate the world around you, but may also limit you. How to transform your mother the world, and keep it constantly updated in the most useful way possible.
  • Understanding how your experience is created, not by reality, but by your map of the world, as well as your thoughts and your emotional responses. This understanding will lead you to be up to control your thoughts and emotions, and create your own reality.
  • How to turn your unconscious mind into the most powerful ally you will ever have. Your conscious is able to track everything taking place around you now, as well as every experience you’ve ever had, and make sense of everything according to rules that you provide. If you’re not taking advantage of the power of your unconscious mind, then you’re living with 10% of your potential.
  • How to program yourself for success by installing powerful and empowering beliefs and values.
  • How to draw inspiration, confidence, skills and other resources from your memories, to make you unstoppable in any situation.
  • How to tap into the creative energy of the universe (the true secret of the Secret).
  • How to be alert for the universe has in store for you, even when it’s not what you’re expecting.

 Tree of Life Coaching System

You will learn a complete coaching system based upon the Tree of Life that will allow you to:

  • Quickly and easily understand exactly what your client’s problem is.
  • Generate powerful hypnotic coaching patterns that are specifically designed for each individual client.
  • Know exactly what to do, when what you’re doing is working. Build almost unlimited flexibility into your change work.
  • Approach any problem from several different angles, so you’ll know that the change will stick, and so will your client.

Who should attend?

The Tree of Life is about understanding the human experience in all its marvelous complexity. This course will benefit anyone who is seeking to understand themselves, or others. And that is pretty much everyone!

This course is designed to give you experience all the Tree of Life Coaching System as both a ‘coach’ and as a ‘client’. Even if you’re not a coach, you will find your own experience of reality transformed as a result of taking this course. If you’re already a professional coach or change worker, you will discover a unique and powerful coaching system as a result of taking this course.

So whether you are a coach, trainer, therapist, social worker, health professional, or a sports professional, teacher, parent, student or simply a human being who is interested in understanding themselves better, and growing the life you want to live, this course is for you!

Our next classes will take place:

Intensive format: June 8th – 13th 2015 10:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m

Tuesday Evenings from October 13, 2015 to January 12, 2016 (Winter Break 12/22/15 and 12/29/15).  Class runs from 6pm to 9pm.

Your Investment is Normally $1997 However Register Before June 1st and Pay Only $1497 for the Complete Tree of Life Training

See What Others Are Saying About Training At NLP and Hypnosis Training New York

This course is taught in an extremely experiential way, ensuring that you really get to feel the changes that are occurring as they happen. These experiences are backed up with solid knowledge and superb teaching from Sarah Carson and Shawn Carson. As instructors they are both extremely knowledgeable and truly teach from the heart. In the big city of New York, where so many people are out to make a quick buck or to take advantage, they are dedicated to sharing their deep understanding of NLP in a true and open way

Yuval Elbaz

United Nations
They teach Humanistic NLP in a fun, inspiring, and transformative environment. While significantly increasing my understanding of others, my own self- confidence and motivation has dramatically increased as well

Seth Wofl

New York, NY
The knowledge I gained in the program has had a profound impact on my life. Sarah and Shawn are gifted teachers/trainers which I have grown to like very much. They have a complimentary teaching style which is simple, tangible and down to earth. They provide you with a contextual understanding of NLP and tangible tools in which to practice. As a filmmaker and media consultant who works with name brand politicians and actors it has made me more effective in both my work and personal life (which surprised me).

Gene Cernilli

Live on Purpose