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Help Your Clients Quit Smoking Easily


Learn The Leading Stop Smoking Protocol

Are You Ready To Save A Life?

In the United States alone over 45 million people smoke.  One in five deaths each year are due to smoking related causes.  These are incredibly shocking statistics and yet why do people still smoke? Every year more and more products and drugs come out to help people quit and few do, why is that?  The answer is simple. smoking is less about the nicotine and much more about emotions, thoughts, and patterns of behavior.  Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools available to help people kick the habit for good. You help to save the life of each person who quits because of a hypnosis session with you!

Smoking cessation is the bread and butter of any successful hypnotherapy practice.  It is essential that you have a highly effective protocol that will build your business and reputation while you save lives.

In the winter of 2013 we were teaching a hypnotherapy certification course and we were receiving a large number of questions about working with smokers.  At that time Jess, Sarah, and Shawn each had their own highly successful protocols.  Given the amount of interest, the three decided to combine their approaches to create and teach one of the most effective protocols available.

The original Quit workshop was held in February of 2013 and since that time has been turned into a top selling book that has received critical acclaim from leaders in the field. As of January 2015 Jess, Shawn, and Sarah have been contracted to provide this training for HPTI (Founded by Scott Sandland founder of

As a result we have decided to once again make this exclusive live training available to you. Just imagine what it will be like as you save lives and build a profitable business at the same time!

2017 dates to be announced soon

During This Live Event You Will Gain Hands On Experience As You Discover

You Will Learn

  • How to effectively screen clients so you guarantee success
  • How to handle initial consultation and the steps you need to take to close the deal
  • The common beliefs smokers have about their habit and the ways you need to reframe them so that the session is successful
  • The secret to profiling your client so you know exactly what to say
  • The art of metaphoric and Provocative techniques that will shake the foundation of the habit
  • The 2 types of triggers you need to address throughout the session to break the connection with cigarettes
  • The hidden pattern ever single smoker runs that has sabotaged every other attempt to quit they have made and how to use that same pattern to get them to quit for life
  • 2 sure fire techniques that your clients can use to take control of their cravings and let go of any emotions that would have led to smoking in the past
  • 3 patterns that you will not learn anywhere else that ensure your clients will never want to pick up another cigarette again.  In fact they will feel as though they never smoked in the first place
  • The one strategy you need to keep your clients from replacing smoking with other unhealthy habits
  • Simple strategies you can implement to help you grow your hypnosis business through smoking cessation
  • And much more!

Just imagine how amazing it will feel when your first client throws out their cigarettes!  This protocol will give you every tool you will ever need to be successful with smokers.  You will be confident in your skills from the moment the client first calls all the way through the end of your work together.  The best part is this protocol is flexible.  You could follow it step by step and have massive success AND you can also mix and match based on your clients individual needs.


Our Quit protocol is internationally acclaimed by professionals and leaders in the field.  Below are reviews from hypnotists around the world who have studied our protocol via “Quit: The Hypnotist’s Handbook to Running Effective Stop Smoking Sessions”  and in our live training.

Being a Hypnotist and an attendee of the quit smoking protocol course with Sarah and Jess I was Highly impressed with how in-depth the protocol is for assisting clients who are ready to quit smoking with actually quitting. Along with how detailed the protocol is structured, the newly created hypnotic patterns for change are EXTREMELY awesome!! I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a quit smoking protocol, and/or looking for newly created hypnotic patterns to help clients change

Kyle Seales

Brooklyn, New York Coach
fix it any way you want: Smoking destroys…as a nurse and a hypnotist I look for tools to help my clients stop. The “Quit” work shop was so well done and trainer friendly it is the only tool that I see is effective to help your client stop smoking.

Mercedes Herman

New Jersey Hypnotherapist
Sarah, Shawn and Jess have done a tremendous job in writing this book.
And they have given you a gift: the gift of knowledge. Instead of
forcing you to explore an unknown landscape, they have given you a
detailed map not just of the territory, but also of the best routes to
navigate through it. With this precious map you will be able to guide
anyone that is sincere about making the journey to the “promised land”
of freedom on the other side. This map is so detailed that you will be
able to pick the best route for each client, whether they are a
“sightseer” that wants to take the gentle scenic route or a
“pragmatist” that just wants to get there as fast as possible, even if
that means climbing a few mountains along the way!

Igor Ledochowski

Master Hypnotist Hypnosis Training Academy
I’ve been helping smokers quit for several years and just helped a woman who I’m not sure would have responded so well to the traditional hypnosis approaches I’ve been using. She LOVED to smoke and craved cigarettes all the time.She was smoke free after just one session.


Pennsylvania Hypnotherapist

I’ve learned different smoking cessation systems for over a decade, and each system had good ideas. But Jess, Sarah, and Shawn, have created a system that is the most complete I’ve ever learned.

They covered the entire process from the initial phone call, session intake, techniques, testing, getting a testimonial, and even covered a bit of marketing. I appreciated how they systematically chained one technique to another. I mean, it really does make sense that doing technique A creates a client mindset that is a useful input for technique B and so on.

At the same time, I appreciated the flexibility of their protocol. They emphasized the need to view each client as a true individual. Learn the client’s situation, their meta programs, etc. And only then is it time to choose what to do. Client comes first, techniques come second.

And the course was actually fun, too. Jess, Sarah, and Shawn brought a good sense of humor to the videos and webinars. You can tell that they love teaching, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to take their course.

No protocol can guarantee 100% success with smokers, but I feel that this protocol is as close as you can get. I look forward to using it to save more lives.


William Song

After reading this book I am surprised at the amount of information it entails. The detailed description of how to set up a practical hypnosis session from start to finish, to then having that client come back on a repeated basis, was the perfect set-up and a really exciting facet that the book has to offer. I was floored with the new techniques discussed and thoroughly explained in this handbook, and it far surpasses other Hypnosis techniques I have read in other books


This is an incredibly helpful handbook for practitioners (and useful for laymen as well), illustrating the kinds of behaviors smokers engage in and offering profound strategies for effecting rapid and easy change

S. Wagner

Brooklyn, New York Coach

This is an amazing protocol to guide your clients to quit smoking. Simple, straightforward and elaborate. I highly recommend this to someone who wants to improve their coaching skills.

Kristina Griggs

Los Angelas, CA Hypnotist
I’ve had the pleasure and honor of studying with Sarah, Shawn and Jess, because of them I am extremely confident in my coaching skills and my clients get amazing results fast.