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Hypnotic Presentations

Why Improve Your Presentation Skills?

Each of us at some point in our lives will be asked to give a speech or make a presentation.  This could be anything from a short toast at a Hypnotic Presentationswedding to leading a business meeting or conducting a seminar.  The difficulty is that most point are not taught how to present in a way that increases your confidences and touches an audience on a deeper level.  Just the thought of presenting leaves many feeling terrified which is not a resource state from which to speak.  Many just get through it as quickly as possible and breathe a sigh of relief when it’s finished.

Other people may feel comfortable speaking in front of groups but have the experience of looking out over the audience and seeing a group of politely uninterested individuals who will most likely not take any action after the presentation is over.  They wait patiently and even applaud at the end of the presentation but then go on with their everyday lives as if the presentation was just something they needed to tick off of their schedules.

If you own your own business such as a coaching or hypnosis practice or if you are in a business where you need to lead sales presentations or team meetings you want a better class of experiences for your audience because your business depends on it.  Whether you rely on lecture demos to bring in new clients and close sales or you need to help a team transition through change, it is essential that you not only give the audience information but you touch them on a deep level that will influence them to take action.

Why Hypnotic Presentations?

Long gone are the days of hypnosis being the territory of swinging watches and sleep.  It is now a dynamic way of interacting with others and a tool that you can use covertly to influence others and groups in a highly ethical way.  When you think of the most dynamic presenters in the world, they all have one thing in common.  They now how to reach the audiences’ unconscious minds in a powerfully hypnotic manner.  Some presenters have a natural ability for this while many like Tony Robbins have trained themselves in the art of Hypnotic Presentations.

Imagine what it will be like to step into any presentation with a powerful sense of confidence and even more than that a deep sense of calm because you know that you are going to have fun presenting!  What will it feel like when you see the audience deeply engaging with your message and possibly even transformed because they have spent time with you.  What will it be like when attendees are happy to respond to your call to action at the end of the presentation by signing up for your service or taking the next step in the sales process.

For coaches, hypnotists, therapists, and other change workers the most rewarding compliment you can receive is that you helped to completely change someone’s life.  Imagine receiving that from many people as you transform entire groups.

What is the Hypnotic Presentations Course?

To answer simply Hypnotic Presentations engage both the conscious and unconscious mind.  Every decision someone makes is done so at the unconscious level first.  The conscious mind rationalizes or overrides it after the unconscious chooses.  Hypnotic Presentations engage both levels of a person so that they can easily access the information you present, feel confident they are making the right decision working with you, and comfortably take action when needed.  Our Hypnotic Presentations training integrate the latest discoveries in neuroscience, educational psychology, and hypnosis to help you confidently create and deliver presentations that will leave your audience asking for more.

What You Will Learn

  • How to overcome any fears around public speaking so you can feel confident and relaxed in any presentation situation
  • How to build the ideal Presenter’s State
  • The art of group formation that ensures the audience is always on your side
  • The secret structure that underpins all influential presentations.
  • How to control the states of the audience so that you can create experiences that touch their unconscious minds
  • How to use multi-level communication to deliver one message to the conscious mind and a different one to the unconscious
  • The science of demonstrations and how to use them to create massive emotional shifts in the group
  • How to handle hecklers and get them on your side
  • How to motivate the group to action after the presentation so that you can close sales and transform lives.
  • And Much More!

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Yes! Sign Me Up For The Live Hypnotic Presentations Training