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Deep Trance Identification

Transform Your Life Through Deep Trance Identification

What do you want to accomplish in your life?  I know this is a big question but think about it for a moment.  What goals do you have?  Perhaps you want to learn a new skill like a second language or how to play a musical instrument.  It could be that you already have a skill that you would like to do more masterfully.  Or maybe there is obstacle in your life that you would like to overcome to live a happier and more successful life.  Whatever your goals may be you can rest assured that the power to achieve them is inside of you.

When you were a small child you knew that you could become anyone you wanted when you grew.  You even pretended being different people as you played.  What you didn’t realize as a child was that you were learning, you were quickly building new neural networks.  In fact this was your quickest strategy for learning.  Unfortunately odds are that as an adult you have forgotten how to learn in this way.

In traditional cultures around the world people have perfected the art of becoming gods, spirits, and ancestors through life changing rituals.  They quickly overcome obstacles and promote healing as they do this.

While we are no longer children and we live in a busy American city we can harness this same ability that is waiting dormant in our minds. Deep Trance Identification is the premier strategy for accelerated learning and personal transformation.  It will allow Deep Trance Identificationyou to tap into the part of your brain that learns quickly and integrates experience.  Through Deep Trance Identification you will experience becoming someone else just long enough to become more authentically you.  Deep Trance Identification is the secret technique used by musicians and athletes globally who are at the top of their games.  It has also been studied scientifically and has be found to be highly successful in helping people achieve therapeutic changes such as weight release.  With DTI you will become your model to learn their internal skills so that you can bring those out in your self.

Unfortunately very few practitioners truly understand Deep Trance Identification and how to do it effectively.  Two of our trainers- Shawn Carson and Jess Marion have written the only extensive book available on this practice.  Now is your opportunity to learn Deep Trance Identification from the leaders in the field and begin to use it in your life to create amazing changes.  Deep Trance Identification uses profound  states of trance to install new behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.  This can enhance your natural abilities in any skill.  Help you to overcome emotional blocks.  And help you to tap in to something that is far deeper and positively life changing than you are normally aware.

Deep Trance Identification is the most powerful tool for personal transformation that I have ever worked used. Because of that I have dedicated years to experimenting and perfecting it. DTI is now my go to for any type of personal change I want for myself.

Jess Marion

DTI Facilitator and Instructor

In Your Deep Trance Identification Course You Will Experience:

  • How to unconsciously choose your ideal DTI model so you can be sure that they are the best model to use
  • An easy strategy to ensure that the model and change you have chosen are ecological for your life so that you can fully integrate the learnings you make in a way that compliments you as a whole person
  • The Matrix Model- How to build reference experiences with your model even if you don’t know them so that your unconscious mind has the ideal material with which to work
  • Hypnotic trances that build rapport between you and your model in a way that will make your Deep Trance Identification project easy and even more fulfilling
  • The deep trance method that allows you to become your model without taking on any of their qualities that you do not want for yourself
  • How to take the internal Deep Trance Identification experience and translate into the skills you want in the outside world
  • You will experience deep personal changes that can create the type of life you want for you so dream big!
  • And Much More!

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