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Advanced Workshops

Each year NLP Training New York launches a series of Advanced Workshops designed to help coaches, hypnosis practitioners, therapists, and business people expand their skill sets well beyond the practitioner and master practitioner levels of our Hypnosis and NLP trainings.  We invite you to browse through our current offerings of Advanced Workshops for 2015.

Some workshops require a master practitioner certification while others are open to practitioner level hypnotists and NLPers.

We look forward to meeting you at one of these great workshops!


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This Advanced Workshop is open to certified practitioners of all levels.  In this program we will train you in our highly successful and much acclaimed stop smoking protocol.  You will learn everything you need to do from the initial contact with a prospective client through to them throwing away those cigarettes for life.  Smoking cessation is the bread and butter of most hypnosis practices and it is impertinent that you have a protocol that generates high success rates while boosting your Confidence.

To Learn More Please Click Here

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Tree of Life Coaching is an Advanced Workshop that will provide you with the most complete approach to coaching available.  This system, adapted from the ancient Kabbalah tradition teaches you how to address the full needs of your client so the changes they make with you transforms their lives in profoundly positive ways.  If you have done NLP you have only worked with the lower part of the Tree of Life.  It’s now time to expand beyond that so your clients can become deeply fulfilled, happy, and successful individuals.

To Discover More About The Tree Of Life Coaching Practitioner CLICK HERE

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If you own your own business such as a coaching or hypnosis practice or if you are in a business where you need to lead sales presentations or team meetings you want a better class of experiences for your audience because your business depends on it.  Whether you rely on lecture demos to bring in new clients and close sales or you need to help a team transition through change, it is essential that you not only give the audience information but you touch them on a deep level that will influence them to take action. In our Hypnotic Presentation skills workshop you will learn how to deliver your message to both the conscious and unconscious mind.

Discover More About Hypnotic Presentations By CLICKING HERE

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Deep Trance Identification is the secret technique used by musicians and athletes globally who are at the top of their games. Unfortunately very few practitioners truly understand Deep Trance Identification and how to do it effectively.  Two of our trainers- Shawn Carson and Jess Marion have written the only extensive book available on this practice.  Now is your opportunity to learn Deep Trance Identification from the leaders in the field and begin to use it in your life to create amazing changes.

To Discover More on Deep Trance Identification Please CLICK HERE


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Keep an eye out for updates.  We regularly offering innovative and new Advanced Workshops to help further develop your skills and create lasting change in your life.

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