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For us Neuro Linguistic programming is about the NLP Community; the NLP community in our Center in Manhattan, the NLP community in New York, the NLP community in the US and the NLP community worldwide. This community includes our teachers, our adjunct collegues,  our students, our clients and our peers in the NLP community of New York, the US and the world.

In order to give back to the NLP community what we feel we have received we seek to share the benefits of NLP with as many folks as possible, and to share our Center as generously as we can. Below are some of the ways we seek to share NLP.

If you would like to taste NLP or hypnosis, or are already qualified as an NLP Practitioner or hypnotist and are looking for like minded people, then give us a call and come down and attend one of our practice nights or other events.

Other Practice Groups

We host other practice groups which are run by other NLP and hypnosis teachers in new York who may not have sufficient space on a regular basis to hold a practice group. We are happy to welcome others interested in NLP and hypnosis into our space.

NLP Movie Nights

We run regular movie nights, usually every three or four months, During these evenings we will show a movie that has some connection with NLP or hypnosis or which uses principles of NLP and hypnosis. Examples of such movies include The Matrix, Inception, Kung Fu Panda, Memento, the Legend of bagger Vance and others.

NLP Social Events

We run social events for our students and other NLP friends such as our famous NLP picnic held in the fall in Central park each year.

Hosting Workshops

We frequently host workshops run by other teachers where the topic is complementary to our NLP and hypnosis philosophy.

Recent workshops have included EFT, hypnotic writing and Seishindo (a mix of NLP and Japanese aikido).






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